Limited Edition Gallery

Masters of the Art of Creativity

Silver Ore Pearl  s/s

"Crevass" Onyx diamond  s/s

"Phathom" pearl, diamond  s/s

"Emperor" Onyx diamond  s/s

"Druse Reef" Tormaline 14KY

"Copa" Ammolite, Sapphire 14KY

"Sugar Mtn"Druse  Sapphire 14KR

"Oro Preto", Topaz  Sapphire 14KR

"Massai", Carnelian  Sapphire 14KR

"Sail On" Carnelian  Sapphire 14KR

"Tuckerman's Ravine" Ammolite, Peridor, Citrine 14KY

"Plum Cove" Druse Carnelian, Sapphire  14KR s/s

"Halo" Moonstone, Lace Agate 14KY

"Spilunk" Apophalite Diamonds 14KY

Ammoka Egg Sapphire 14KY

"Cocoon" Aqua, Apophalite 14KW

Dyber Amethyst, Spinel 14KR

"Wave On" Opal, Sapphire, s/s 14KY

"Nimbus" Blue Druse,Pearl, diamonds 14KY

Opal,Tsavorite, Tanzanite, River pearl 18KY On Peacock Tahitian Pearl strand


                                       Established as a provider to Galleries in north America since 1968 ,

                                                                                     Pearce Design 

 has continued to create sponyaneous, one of a kind creations. These treasures have been the result of client's requests of the sheer whimsey of Fred and Kate's imagination.  We have selected a few from our portfolio to share with you.