Emotional, Spiritual & Social Catalysts

The ultimate vehicle for expression, art jewelry bridges the gaps between backgrounds, classes, beliefs, and time. It encourages emotion and dialogue. It also is a catalyst for communication. Art  jewelry is mankind's storyteller and storybook. 

Our Mountainscape© design originated as a ring to represent a wedding that was to take place on Kearsarge Mountain in NH.  It wasn't long before other people wanted a truly personalized rings.  Since 1991 we have designed variations on this ring which have included the addition of a golfer, bulldozer, Motor cycle, Peugeot 405 racing car, an apple tree and snow boarders. The mountains have been modified to represent the Grand Tetons, California and Texas hills, Mt. Ascutney and Mansfield Mountain in Vermont, and of course our#1028 with the profile of the NH Old Man of the Mountain carved out of its side.  Email, or Call, us and let us design a special ring for you.

Bridal and Fashion Bands

Our very first commisioned piece of jewelry in 1967 was a hand crafted wedding Greek Fret band for the daughter of our philosophy proffessor.  Since then we have concentrated on designing this most significant piece of jewelry.

Cross Over Styles

Greek Fret Key 5mm to 8mm

RB 707 4.5mm RB 786 6mm  RB 799 9mm

RB  2

RB  21

RB   5

RB  10

RB  706

RB  591

RB  27  available 2mm to 10mm wide

Frosted Dunes

Life as a Ring - totally custom

RB 591

Wood Grain Texture RB1078

RB 609


RB  812E6

RB 799

RB 697


RB 591

RB 715

RB 570

RB 569

RB 590 twist Edge

RB 828 plain Edge

RB 572


RB waves

RB 548     RB592 

RB 632 8mm

RB 840       RB 660 Florentine

Most of our designs can be customize for you.

              The RB 706         with a Diamond Sun

Lake a Rama

RB 564 Rose Gold