Over the past 50 years, we have designed specialized jewelery for the National Parks Service, The Defenders of Wildlife, the Lyme, NH  Library and  the Smithsonian Collection among others.  Fred is an Annisquam, MA. native and he designed these for the annual crafts show.

We are still available and would be delighted to design and produce a unique charm for you or your organization.

The Annisquam Village &

The Cape Ann Jewelry Collection

PN /PD 478 $150.00 The Harbor

All prices are Sterling Market <$16.00

14 Karat and other metals are available.

Styles can be Charms, Pendants, cufflinks, Tac Pins, Earrings, Rings, or??

Tuckerman'ns Ravine in Autumn

A Perennial Favorite ~ our Old Man in the Mountain   

Winner of NH by Design and Signity finalist

PD 444  $95.00 

PD/CH 450   $95.

PD/CH 476   $90.

PD/CH 474  $95.

PD/CH 451  $95.

PD/CH 448  $100

PD/CH 472  $95

'Squam Rock 

Annisquam Arial Map 

The fleet 

The Village Church 

The Annisquam  Yacht Club

Bunt Davis' Boat 

 The Annisquam  lighthouse

PD 462  $95.00 

The Gloucester, MA Fisherman's Memorial 

PD/CH 477   $95.

The Old Stone Chair

PD/CH 473   $95.

The Cove Bridge

The Village Hall

PD/CH 464  $95.

PD/CH 463  $90.



PD/CH 461  $80.

PD 368S   NH Old Man in the Mtn